Leafy Splendor

PA210141Last week when the late afternoon sun and a breeze turned the leaves, wearing their last burst of intense colour, into drifting magic, Aimee and I went for a walk.  One of the things about keeping company with a dog is knowing that you will be outside at least four or five times that day, so even if you get engrossed in your work,  your friend’s not going to let you forget that the world is there. This day we escaped for a longer walk. As I watched her investigate a section of leaf-covered lawn with intense interest, her nose touching the leaves and rooting for the grass underneath, the demands of the day fell away. We stood together on a carpet of gold and red leaves with the wind shaking more down around us. It was quiet, except for the breeze rustling the leaves, and the distant bark of another dog. Nothing to do but breathe, and swim in colour.

Summer in the City

aimeeToday I had an early morning leadership training session for a client, so woke at 5:00 AM, about two hours before I am usually ready to give up sleeping. It was still dark, and hard to get moving until the light began to show. Aimee the West Highland Terrier and I emerged for her morning walk about 6:00.

The day was still cool, fresh and still. While Aimee sniffed the air I watched the early shift at VGH park their cars and head toward the hospital. Some strode purposefully along while others strolled and stopped to smile at Aimee. A woman came by with golf clubs slung over her shoulder and waited on the corner for her golfing buddy to come by and pick her up. A woman in black running shorts and a red tank jogged by, her hair pulled back from her face in a pony tail that bounced with each step; she gave us a quick smile then focused on the distance.

There was a kind of camaraderie on the street; it was a lovely morning and we were all up to enjoy it before most of the city.  There was more activity at this early hour than when I usually took Aimee for her walk a bit later.  On fine summer days in the city, the early morning is the time to enjoy before the sizzle of the day’s events and temperature take over.