Summer in the City

aimeeToday I had an early morning leadership training session for a client, so woke at 5:00 AM, about two hours before I am usually ready to give up sleeping. It was still dark, and hard to get moving until the light began to show. Aimee the West Highland Terrier and I emerged for her morning walk about 6:00.

The day was still cool, fresh and still. While Aimee sniffed the air I watched the early shift at VGH park their cars and head toward the hospital. Some strode purposefully along while others strolled and stopped to smile at Aimee. A woman came by with golf clubs slung over her shoulder and waited on the corner for her golfing buddy to come by and pick her up. A woman in black running shorts and a red tank jogged by, her hair pulled back from her face in a pony tail that bounced with each step; she gave us a quick smile then focused on the distance.

There was a kind of camaraderie on the street; it was a lovely morning and we were all up to enjoy it before most of the city.  There was more activity at this early hour than when I usually took Aimee for her walk a bit later.  On fine summer days in the city, the early morning is the time to enjoy before the sizzle of the day’s events and temperature take over.

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