I am a Human Resources Professional with over twenty years of experience. I love spotting connections and fresh ideas, unearthing root causes and using questions that open the way forward.

For 18 years I was the Human Resources Manager for a values-driven company that grew from a small, privately held concern with 65 employees to a division within a large Fortune 500 firm that had more than 400 division staff. In 2008 I became an independent HR consultant. You’ll find more information on my LinkedIn profile.

I’ve worked with individuals and groups, managers, and business owners to improve performance and help them stay congruent with their vision and values.

Before working in human resources I designed clothes, was a bank teller, owned and operated a bookstore, facilitated community development, and taught calligraphy. I continue to be a work in progress.

Since 2013 I’ve been learning about the Family Constellation work developed by Bert Hellinger. I’ve done constellations workshops with Mark Wolynn, Francesca Mason Boring, Mike Berold, Rafael Ruiz-Amdal, and Lisa Iversen. During 2015 I’ve been in Lisa Iversen’s Family Matters training program and I am beginning to use constellations in my work with individuals and companies.

These values provide a foundation for my work:

Presence: Cultivating moment-to-moment awareness and transparency.

Kindness: The wish for the happiness, well being and enlightenment of all.

Community: Awareness of relationship, common interests, interdependence, and the gift of life that flows from our ancestors.

Learning: Reflecting on experience, listening to understand, acknowledging the mystery, and developing resources.

Beauty: Understanding the longing for beauty, the quality without a name that we recognize instinctively.