Three Reasons Why Beauty Means Business

shell1. Beauty lifts the spirit.
Whether you bring your service or product directly to the consumer or deal business to business, what helps you create a business environment that gives your customer an experience that lifts the spirit has never been more important. The more the world focuses on cutting costs, cutting back, and celebrating doom and gloom, the greater the need for beauty and for an emotional connection.

2. Beauty makes the ordinary an experience.
Beauty can turn a chore into an experience that we want to have again. Beauty, whether created through design or through nature, draws people to it. When something you have to do, becomes something you enjoy, you’re likely to come back. When we see something we find beautiful, our heart opens and there’s a pause, even if only for a moment.

3.  Beauty is memorable.
Aside from our desire to purchase beautiful things, we remember beauty, and it becomes a point of difference. Whether it’s the difference between Apple’s standout design and a slew of ordinary PC laptops, or the community garden spots at the centre of traffic roundabouts, and a concrete circle without plants, beauty refreshes us, and the memory lingers.


  1. claudia mason says

    It’s interesting, thinking about beauty lifting the spirits. It makes me think of the joy I feel when I look at a smiling baby. What could be more beautiful?

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